Woodward Cheer has arranged to have Gabi Butler come out to camp this summer weeks 7 and 8 to share her vast cheer knowledge with all of you campers out there.  If you don't know who she is be sure to google her.  Recently we were able to grab Gabi's attention for a little bit to answer some questions that many of you may have been thinking to ask yourself.   Check out our mini interview inside.

Name: Gabi Butler

How many years have you been involved in cheer? 6 years

What is your largest accomplishment within the Cheer community? My team qualified for worlds in 2010, but I got injured a month before so I was not able to compete. But it was great just to qualify. Then this year we qualified again. So I hope my biggest accomplishment will be winning Worlds with my team this year.

Who has been your biggest influence within the sport and why? My older sister Ashley is my biggest influence. She is a two time World Champion and has shown me that if you put your heart into something hard work always pays off.

What’s your favorite part in a routine and why? Stunting because I love the feeling of being in the air. It is an amazing thing to be up in the air and to be able to pull your body positions. Flying just makes me really happy and free.

What was the skill that took you the longest to learn and why? Pulling my needle took me the longest to learn. A lot of people think I was naturally flexible but I am not. When I first started cheering I was not flexible at all! I had to stretch every day for about 8 months before I was finally able to pull my needle for the first time.

What is the skill that you most want to get in your cheer career? I would really like to get my double punch double on the floor.

What is your favorite competition/event to attend and why? Worlds because I get to experience it with my team and it is the last chance to compete with my team. I also like to meet all the new cheerleaders from around the world.

What is your favorite memory involving cheer? Winning NCA Dallas in 2010 with my team.

What are you most looking forward to at Woodward Camp this summer? Meeting new people and learning new skills. I am also looking forward to helping other girls to get their body positions better and maybe even getting them to get their needles.

What would be your best advice to all cheerleaders? To be nice and kind to each other and to always treat your competitors with respect. Also, always encourage each other to get better and to help each other whenever you can.

Any additional comments? I can't wait for camp!!!!


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