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Samantha Peszek and Bridget Sloan were at camp week 3 and got crazy on beam while partaking in the first pro photoshoot of the summer with the digital photography campers.  Photo campers got an inside look at what it's like to partake in a real shoot with a professional photographers and athletes.

The idea of this shoot was to put the stars in front of the stars, and that is exactly what we did.  We had two of the best gymnasts in the world to help do this "Shoot with the Stars."  Photo campers got to see a professional shoot from start to finish.

We started with a few shots of Sam and Bridget doing poses and leaps in the sunset and were able to get some killer shots as it grew dark.   Sam and Bridget are awesome to work with because they are beautiful, talented and very patient.  After a few awesome shots we waited until the stars began to pop.  About forty minutes of joking and geeking out went by before we set up for the star shoot.  After about twenty tries of shooting a 45 second exposure the shot came out perfect.  Bridget's leap was spot on and the stars popped exactly the way we wanted.  High five Bridget!


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