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Colony of Summer 18 - Digital Media

  • Written by Mike Bennett
Enter the world of Woodward's Digital Media Camp. Filled with passionate staff, amazing facilities, and some of the best gear the in the world, this program is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone interested in photography, videography, graphic arts, visual arts, modeling, and music recording. Featuring: Ty Evans, Grant Brittain, Jeremy Pavia, Arto Saari, Michael Craven, Skyvue, Jeff Brockmeyer, Dave Metty, Keir Johnson, and many more. Edited by Jordan Huffman

What is Woodward?

  • Written by Mike Bennett

What is Woodward?  Without being a camper at one of the Woodward facilities in the summer, the "Woodward Experience" is hard to explain.  In this video we try to sum up just that through some of the content we have captured over the years. 

Join the Woodward Team - Apply for a Job

  • Written by Mike Bennett

thumb Job-ApplicationsHave you always wanted to come to Woodward but didn't know how to make it happen?  Do you love working in a fun environment?  Would you like to make this summer one to remember?  If you answered yes to any of those questions that we might just have an opportunity for you!  

Click on the "Get a Job" button to the left and apply for a Job at Camp Woodward this summer.   We are looking for all different types of staff.  To view the jobs that we offer and their descriptions please CLICK HERE.

Vinny Tullo - Film vs. Digital

  • Written by Mike Bennett

RyanThompson FsTail TargetPlazaVinny Tullo, long time Woodward Camper turned Digital Media Intern chose to spend his week shooting film instead of the common digital cameras and was reminded of just how spoiled we are to have that little screen give us a preview of our shot.   Check out Vinny's story and an awesome gallery of images from his week at camp this past summer.


Ty Evans on Woodward Digital Media Camps

  • Written by Mike Bennett

When it comes to Skateboard filmmaking, Ty Evans near the top of the list.  Luckily for Woodward Digital Media Campers, Ty has visited us a number of times over the past years sharing his knowledge, working experience, and inspirations with the aspiring filmmakers of the future.  Josh Zucker put together this amazing edit showing exactly that.  Enjoy.

Skyvue shots of Woodward

  • Written by Mike Bennett

The guys from Skyvue AP came out and dropped some knowledge on our Digital Media campers.  Skyvue making unique angles and smooth footage all possible.   Check out some amazing clips from their time at Camp.

How to Shoot a Professional Skateboarder

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Photographer Bryce Kanights walks us through the process of setting up a photo shoot with a pro skateboarder.   In this shoot Bryce shoots the always fun Manny Santiago and some Woodward Campers during the 2013 summer.  Sit back, relax, and watch one of the best in the game as he describes what it takes.

Happy Holidays Jingle

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Happy Holidays to you and yours from the Woodward Family.   

Working in the Recording Studio at Camp Woodward is always fun, and since the holidays were getting close, we thought we would write a little jingle with our own little Woodward twist of course.  

Hope to see you at camp this summer. 

Registration for 2014 - Now Open

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Registration-Open-Email 01That's Right!  It's that time to start thinking about next summer already and we are all set up and ready to take camper applications online.

Take advantage of the increased Early Registration discount,  Now $100.00 instead of $50.00.




Red Bull Wings Division - Trailer

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Red Bull Wings Division was an exclusive week at Camp Woodward, PA that was held after the normal season.  A select few campers from the skateboard, BMX and digital media programs were asked to come back to camp for free and join members of the Red Bull team.   Our crew captured a ton of great footage and are working hard on putting together one of our best edits of the year.  Stay tuned to our channel as we will be releasing the full video soon.  

Red Bull     California Skateparks     GoPro     Sunoco     Pisten Bully

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