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Meet the Staff: Kristin Wirdzek

KristinWirdzekName: Kristin Wirdzek


Hometown: Myrtle Beach, SC

Cheer Team/Gym You Currently Represent:
Hawaii Pacific University

Have you ever been to camp before?

How many years have you been involved in cheer?
15 Years

What University/Gym have you cheered at? Coastal Vibe All Stars, East Coast Stars, Cheer 808

What University/Gym have you coached at? East Coast Stars, Xtreme Athletics, Cheer Jamz

What is your largest accomplishment within the Cheer community? Making it as far as I have as an athlete when others told me I couldn’t

Who has been your biggest influence within the sport and why? My all star coaches Dave Almeida and Astin Moore have made me the athlete I am today. Kali Rae and Matt McGrath for being my motivation

What’s your favorite part in a routine and why? Stunting because it’s the easiest thing for me

What was the skill that took you the longest to learn and why? Kick full because I could not get the coordination of kicking first then fulling

What is your favorite competition/event to attend and why? NCA College Nationals because I get to meet cheerleaders and coaches from other schools

What is your favorite memory involving cheer?Learning how to coed stunt for the first time



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