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Introducing the new B3

  • Written by Mike Bennett
The B3 cement pad area will be seeing some changes in 2014. Woodward has always seen a lot of our campers take advantage of moveable obstacles and creative street type setups.

New for 2014 - The Playground Update

  • Written by Mike Bennett
Woodward, PA is going through some changes that just might change the way YOU learn new tricks down ledges, rails, and stair sets.

Trick Monster - 2013 - Eddie Gerry

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Welcome to the Trick Monster. Eddie Gerry always seems to have his camera pointed in the right direction when things are going down at camp. This video is a compilation of those clips slammed into one amazing video! Enjoy. Filmed and Edited by Eddie Gerry

New and Improved - Summer Skateboard Program - 2014

  • Written by Mike Bennett
Come along as Neal Hendrix takes a tour of the new facilities at Woodward West along with some of the new staff on board.

Clay Kreiner vs The 900

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Every action sports athlete at some point has been asked, "Why?   Why do you do it ??"  Clay Kreiner answers that very question!  He takes us through a three year journey and explains just what it means to persevere when a trick may seem like it has your name.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the slams, defeat, friends, happiness, blood, sweat, tears, and sense of accomplishment that is Clay's 900.

Mini VIP - Ryan Thompson

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Coming all the way from Katy, Texas, Ryan Thompson visited Camp Woodward in 2013 and shared his Skateboard knowledge with campers and staff alike.  With sponsors like Adidas, Kingpinz Skateshop, Real, Thunder, FKD, and Spitfire  you know Ryan is going to throw down some clips.   Sit back, relax, and click play.

Mini VIP - Will Gomez

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Introducing Will Gomez.   Will visited Woodward in 2013 and showcased his skateboard skills all over camp.   Digital Media Intern Tylre Wilcox picked the camera up and captured some clips for your viewing pleasure.   Sit back, relax and enjoy some great skating from Will.  We are guessing you will be seeing more of Will in the future!

What is Woodward?

  • Written by Mike Bennett

What is Woodward?  Without being a camper at one of the Woodward facilities in the summer, the "Woodward Experience" is hard to explain.  In this video we try to sum up just that through some of the content we have captured over the years. 

Join the Woodward Team - Apply for a Job

  • Written by Mike Bennett

thumb Job-ApplicationsHave you always wanted to come to Woodward but didn't know how to make it happen?  Do you love working in a fun environment?  Would you like to make this summer one to remember?  If you answered yes to any of those questions that we might just have an opportunity for you!  

Click on the "Get a Job" button to the left and apply for a Job at Camp Woodward this summer.   We are looking for all different types of staff.  To view the jobs that we offer and their descriptions please CLICK HERE.

Quick Drop - Evan Smith

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Evan Smith has grown up through camp and may spend more time with the kids then any other pro while he is at Camp.  While he is always found at the recreational activities like the Waterslide, Recording Studio, and Go-Karts.  Evan is always found bombing hills and shredding the parks like only he can.   Check out a few clips from Evan while he was here in 2013.

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