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Street League

Vincent Milou -

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Take a journey with one of the qualifiers in the Street League Showdown Finals.  Vincent Milou was able to join the rest of our qualifiers in Newark, NJ and compete for a FREE summer at Woodward on the amazing Street League course.  Check out some of the clips Vincent was able to get in the practice session before the contest.

Street League Showdown - Niels Bennett

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Niels Bennett made it through the 2 previous rounds at Woodward in order to qualify for the Street League Showdown Finals in Newark, NJ.   Check out some of the clips we were able to snag during his practice sessions.

Street League Showdown - Alex Midler

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Alex Midler was one of the finalists in the Street League Showdown this past summer.  Alex was one of the very few that got the chance to skate in a contest competing for a FREE Summer at Woodward and ride the amazing Street League finals park in Newark, NJ.   Check out a few highlights of Alex.  Enjoy.

Street League Showdown - Destin Watts

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Destin Watts was one of our Street League Showdown Finalists and was given the opportunity to skate the Street League finals course in Newark NJ.  Destin also got the chance to compete for a FREE Summer at Woodward Camp in 2014.   Check out some of the clips we were able to grab during warm ups.   Enjoy.

Jamie Foy - Street League Challenge

  • Written by Mike Bennett

For the second straight year, Jamie Foy qualified through the Woodward Street League Showdown for the finals giving him the chance to compete for a FREE summer at Woodward Camp while riding the Street League Championship course created by California Skateparks in Newark, NJ.   Check out some of the clips we were able to capture of Jamie Foy during warm ups.

Street League Showdown Championships

  • Written by Dave Metty

8-25-13 SLS Woodward Newark JRB 297It was the second annual Woodward Street League Showdown Championships. The top 5 Street League Showdown campers from Woodward West and PA. Battled it out on the biggest stage in competitive Street skateboarding, Rob Dyrdeks SLS Showdown in Newark, NJ. The kids had a total of 2 hours of practice on this incredible course. All of them ripped and put together solid runs. They had 1 run in the Flow section and 3 tries in the Control section. At the end of the day Alex Midler put together the winning run and tricks. Vincent Milou got second and Jamie Foy who was the big contender from 2012 got third.
I cant speak for all the campers that won this opportunity but if I were in their shoes and had the opportunity to compete on the same course as the best skaters in the world I would be pumped. They all ripped hard.


Street League Showdown - Semi Finals Recap

  • Written by Mike Bennett

We are one step closer to the culmination of what may be one of the most exciting amateur contests in skateboarding.  During week 10 we invited back the winners from each one of our qualifying events during the summer and had them battle it out for 3 qualifying spots to the Street League Championships on August 25th, 2013 in Newark, New Jersey.   

Neils Bennett, Jamie Foy, and Vincent Milou will be throwing down against the Woodward West qualifiers.   Best of luck guys.

Week 10- Street League Showdown

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Congrats to Vincent Milou as he takes home the week 10 Street League qualification spot.  As he just edged out Carter Wood for the win.  Click play to view all the highlights from the contest.

Week 9 - Street League Showdown

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Looks like Sergio Ledezma will be joining the group of very talented skaters already qualified for the Street League Showdown..   Check out some highlights from the week 9 contest at "The Block."

Week 8 - Street League Showdown Contest

  • Written by Mike Bennett

Looks like Jamie Foy will be defending a spot in the semi-finals again this year in Pennsylvania.   Ryan Hamburg gave him a run for his money with an amazing session but when the Street League scoring was complete and the runs were put together Jamie held on to that first place spot.   Follow all of the Street League Showdown news from Woodward, PA by CLICKING HERE.

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